Friday, February 4, 2005

best description of a bar, ever

Mission Ale House
97 E. Santa Clara St, San Jose
This updated version of a traditional ale house is known for being the first, and, often, last stop of the night. Young partygoers drop by for a few brews before an evening of clubbing—and then they often end up here after failing to score, drowning their sorrow with a selection of 32 beers on tap. With its newly added beer garden area, Mission Ale House also does big business with the after-work crowd and Sharks fans. (JH)


My grandma and grandpa both passed away within the last three weeks. Rough. I didn't get back for grandma's memorial in mid-January, but after I got the call on Thursday afternoon that grandpa had had a severe heart attack, I knew I had to get back. Hard as it was, it was one of my favorite family weekends ever. We all truly pulled together - talked, laughed, cried, was great. My mom has three brothers " they were all around with their families, so we really got to know our cousins again, too. It's sad that it takes a death to bring people together, but hopefully we'll learn from this. I had several thoughts throughout the week I meant to blog, so here we go...