Thursday, November 29, 2007

fun friday gone slightly awry

i woke up feelin' pretty good about it being friday...played some fun music, danced a little, sang a to work a little blogging's all good.

but then my doctor called 'cause my blood pressure was high enough yesterday that they want to monitor it.  i gotta admit, it freaks me out a little.  i know i'm old, but...i'm too young for this crap.  and i hate being forced to do much of anything - especially eat right and exercise.

maybe i'll run for the next couple of weeks, eat a little better and fake 'em out when i go back in.  maybe it's the amount of homework i need to do within the next couple of weeks, which will be done by then so i'll be ok.  maybe it's travel.  maybe it's my recently overactive asthma.  it can't be that i'm that unhealthy...yeesh.

getting old is rough some times.

patience is not my strength

from a daily techy news email i get:

"Now, it's a given that at some point Apple was going to address one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone -- that it uses AT&T's sluggish EDGE network, rather than a faster 3G connection. The sticking point, according to the company, was that the available 3G chips sucked too much power. Still, in September, Jobs himself made vague comments about a 3G iPhone "later next year." But by making such a firm and public declaration right in the heart of the holiday shopping season, Stephenson may have trod heavily on one of Jobs' most sensitive spots (see "You have to understand, Mr. Jobs is very sensitive about premature elaboration"). As Dwight Silverman puts it, "The first rule of new product development is: You don't talk about new product development, because it kills sales of existing products," citing the suicidal marketing move known as the Osborne Effect. Larry Dignan adds, "Perhaps the average iPhone craving bear won't wait for the 3G version, but some percentage of prospective buyers will. ... Jobs can't be too happy this morning, especially if the 3G iPhone continues to be the buzz and it won't be ready soon, as in for Macworld in January. If not, iPhone sales could be dragged down as customers wait for the second coming."

if you can wait, wait.  i love my iPhone...but the slow internet does get to me once in a while.  sorry, Mr Jobs.

 (i forgot to mention that roommate & i saw all four TMNT and Splinter this past week in the NYC Subway...request pics, if you'd like)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the perfect vacation

it was awesome. the perfect amount of fun, laid-back-ness, food, entertainment, walking, subway-ing, taxi-ing, east coast friend time, etc. really, i'm quite pleased with how it all worked out.

in brief: landed at 6pm, picked up at 8pm, a homecooked hot dish for dinner, up at 9, NYC by 12, Battery Park, Times Square, italian, Altar Boyz, chocolate, sleep, out the door by noon, central park, The Met, lunch with lauraorange, The Met, mexican dinner, Rumours, curb, sleep, out the door by 11, Brooklyn, shopping on 5th Ave, the perfect purse, the cutest dress, crappy dinner at a singing diner, Philly boys, Times Square, sleep, out the door by 10am, connecticut with cousin Michelle & fam, home-made spaghetti, Rock Band, sleep, back in NYC by noon, stroll through the city, Central Park, taxi to JFK, home by 1am.

thanks,'re a quality travel partner. and thanks to East Coast Friends for making time for me.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanks and hunter

i have a lot to be thankful for.  on top of my life being pretty awesome, i had a great flight to NYC today...quite a few laughs...a great dinner...and more laughs.  i'm excited to see the sights and be on vacation.

rough news - torii hunter's going to the Angels.  i'd say it's quite likely i'll be in anaheim some time this summer to see a game.  i can't believe he's leaving the Twins...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

more thoughts on the $2 lunch

when i asked the guy behind the counter what a dish was, he started with, "it's supposed to be..."

i passed on that item.  he wasn't offended, 'cause he didn't cook it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

adventures in cooking - november

i got home a little late...and had to immediately start cooking.

the initial idea was that everyone would bring a nonperishable food item for me to incorporate into the meal...we almost did it.  i had frozen chicken breasts in the freezer and a bunch of other random items in the cupboards.  speedracer brought over some rice.  roommate picked out some taco seasoning, tapatio and mint chocolate cookies to add to the meal.

i fired up the foreman grills to make chicken.
i started up the rice (not 10minute easy rice).
i had black beans and corn cooking on the stove (not together).
i pulled some chimichangas out of the freezer at the last minute, as the chicken was taking forever.

we had some interesting taco-tapatio-seasoned rice, white rice, black beans, corn and a chimichanga. eventually we had a little chicken that was quite dry on the outside, but yummy on the inside.
we called it a success and pictures will be posted.

it was a true adventure. i had no idea what i'd be cooking besides the chicken.

Monday, November 19, 2007


i have some serious ADD when it comes to blogs and purses.  i need a new blog look every few months...and purses never last longer than a couple months.  i'm sure there are other areas in my life that are impacted by ADD, but these are most prevalent today.

can't wait to be in NYC, shopping for a Prado.  yup, a prado.  my dream purse.

(i hope this doesn't offend anyone who actually has ADD...i guess i actually might...i dunno...)


after loudly declaring that my 355 ml can equals 12 full ounces, i was made fun of.  apparently, 'fl' means fluid, not full.

learn somethin' new every day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

settlers of catan

i thought you should know that i played my first game last night.  of course, i just partnered up with someone for the first go-around, but i feel ready to take on the world!

Friday, November 16, 2007

i shoulda been a firefighter

Your Dominant Intelligence is Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

You are naturally athletic and coordinated, good at making your mind and body work together.

Sports are fun and easy for you, especially those requiring good hand - eye coordination.

There's also a good chance you're a great dancer, or good at expressing yourself through body language.

You learn best by doing, and you feel like you've always got to be moving (even if it's just your hands).

You would make a good athlete, physical education teaches, dancer, actor, firefighter, or artisan.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

bon jovi says “broken,” i say “messy”

It's ok, to be a little broken
Everybody's broken, in this life
It's ok, to feel a little broken
Everybody's broken, your alright
It's just life

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

new study buddy


turns out that Noodles (Tucker) will stay up with me as late as i need him to...

intimidated by numbers

i just can't get over it.  turns out that supply chain management has a bunch of formulas and numbers involved...and it scares the crap out of me.  my brain pretty much freezes at the sight.

tomorrow night's test is gonna be rough.  no matter how many times i go through these practice problems...

again, i was gonna be a math teacher...i made it through Calc III...this shouldn't be that hard.

purple pharma

purple is all over the logos and branding of pharma companies.  i can't help but notice.

and today is the day i stroll around and try to grab trinkets from everyone.  trade for a pen?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

scientists vs software peeps

i'm at a job fair recruiting scientists for new company.  really, it's not much different than recruiting software engineers for old company.  i throw around a bunch of words that i don't understand, try to sound as smart as possible and file resumes away.  science words are a bit bigger and more complicated, but that's about the only difference.  very similar personalities, too.

i was hoping this would be a great way to learn more about new company and i was totally right.  though we don't have many applicants, i've got the spiel down.

and i'm in san diego for the first time ever.  i LOVE it.  awesome weather, beautiful scenery, sweet suite...

Friday, November 9, 2007

coaching bio

i have a bio online!

click on "coaches" and find me.  hilarious!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

noodles malone

(pronounced ma-low-ney) 

this past weekend Roommate left me with her cat...just me and Noodles...chillin' at the apartment.  i have never been a huge fan of cats - mostly because i thought i was deathly allergic to them - but we agreed to give Noodles a test run and see how it went. 

we've made it almost 3 months, and it's all good.  my allergies haven't gone insane and Noodles seems does Roommate.  yahoo!

to make it even better, Noodles & i bonded this past weekend.  friday and saturday were a little rough with some whining and hiding...but sunday i was watchin' tv in the living room and Noodles snuggled right up to me.  i have a picture on my iphone.  he even drooled (i was reminded later that that's a good thing). 

so i like a cat.  i live with him and his real name is Tucker.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

life is rough

not really at all.  i've got it made, and i realize that.

but every once in a while i go through a "li'l" somethin' that sends my mind reelin'...and self-eval begins.  it's been about three weeks of pretty serious introspection, followed by revelations (i call them), which means i gotta deal with 'em.  it's really good...and it's gotta mean i'm growing & learning...but sheesh.  it's a lot of work.  dealing with something new almost every day is tough....guess i'm not used to thinking.  :-)

if i weren't so dang complicated....

i promise i'm a-ok...just thought i'd put this out there.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

banana flavor

i just had a banana laffy taffy and confirmed that i hate banana flavor stuff.  i like bananas...hate banana flavored stuff.

and i really hate it when they add it to awesome strawberry flavor.

Monday, November 5, 2007

easiest tryout ever

and i bet i just jinxed myself.

but i had tryouts for my team this past weekend and it went awesome!  i only had 20 girls try out, but there was a lot of talent within those 20...and then they all committed to be on my team.  well, 4 of them said they were 80% sure they would play for me...the rest were 100% committed.  that's craziness!!!  usually i get 2-3 and have to fight for the rest.  thank goodness, though, 'cause i just don't have the energy to put into it right now.

unfortunately, my club pulled some crappy crap with another coach...and, really, all of i'm pretty disappointed in them.  (if i get fired 'cause i blogged about them, it's ok with me...but i don't think i will)

Friday, November 2, 2007

from my iPhone

yup, i've given in and got the coolest new toy out there. It's fantastic!

Good thing roommate bought guitar hero 3 or my bank would be really mad at me.

aw, darn

There's a 12% Chance You've Been Abducted By Aliens

There's virtually no chance you've been abducted by aliens.

But there's always hope for the future!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

pumpkin carving contest


new company has a pumpkin carving contest every year.  this year, i was in charge and created new categories, which included "Most Traditional."   peeps get really into this competition.  i'd told my department that i'd create something for us...but ran out of time, so dizzle & i whipped something up quick (pictured).

peeps voted, we won the "Most Traditional" category without question, i got a gift card.

lesson learned:  when put in charge, create a category you know you can win