Wednesday, November 30, 2005


i am wiped out after an evening of baking cookies. wild, eh? we thought it'd be so easy, and we'd just whip out a few dozen cookies. unfortunately, we only got halfway through " were too exhausted to finish it off. oh, well...we still have tons of cookies to give away for christmas.


it makes me sad whenever i make a spelling or grammar mistake. especially when they're pointed out to me (thanks, john). i know the difference between "your" and "you're," i promise. and "brake" and "break" has apparently become difficult for me.

i think i get sad 'cause i once dumped a guy after receiving a few emails from him. suddenly, i'm super-hypocrite.

Monday, November 28, 2005

marital bliss

my college roommie, rivers, got engaged over the weekend. superduper exciting, as she's found the perfect man!

and then muffin became my hero -
muffin: so chuck and i got married in vegas
kristie44: are you serious?
muffin: i'm serious
muffin: chuck surprised me
kristie44: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kristie44: i'm so superduper excited
muffin: thanks! i'm excited too.

awesome thanksgiving weekend

this is the gate to Neverland Ranch, home of weird michael jackson.

i was in santa maria, which is central coast california, and it was beautiful. spent a day eating yummy Thanksgiving food with steve's supercool family, a day in solvang, and a day at the beach. so super cool.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

enjoy your long weekend


i want to know what makes a habit hard or easy to break or pick up. i mean, i started using my parking brake every time i park my car, and it only took a couple times to become habit. it seems like other habits were really hard to make habit.

of course, i can't think of any right now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

vikings season

i find a vikings season to be complete " satisfactory any year they beat the packers twice.

the perfect morning

1. i slowly woke up " rolled out of bed
2. i popped my Charlie Brown Christmas cd into my car
3. i drove to Club One for a good, solid workout
4. i strolled over to Starbucks for a morning treat
5. i have only two days left to work this week

life is good for me

Monday, November 21, 2005

thanksgiving week

i love the holidays. i love that i get to decorate for christmas soon, and i love that i get to eat " eat " eat for a month straight. and i get to see friends " family. give some gifts...get some gifts. yay!

i was in israel for thanksgiving in '98, and every hour i made everyone name one thing they were thankful for. it was awesome. we just have so much. so there's an idea for you " your long road trips this next can entertain yourselves by listing things you're thankful for.

(i've got a 3 1/2 hour road trip i'm preparing for...ideas are attention span is not very long these days)

Friday, November 18, 2005

november 18, 2005

i played sand volleyball over the lunch hour outside 'cause it's 70 degrees " sunny. life is good for me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


i love to run. i need to remember that when i'm super crankily getting out of bed in the morning to go...

not only is it good for me physically, it's a total refresher for my mind. i have all these super great, deep with God a bit...process life as it is...enjoy my cute, little neighborhood " the view of the hills far away...

it's just good for me. i need to do it more.
(yes, i'm feeling much better today than yesterday)


for about two weeks i've gotten too much sleep, have been very lazy in the workout area of life, and have eaten whatever the heck i wanted. i'm pretty sure this all contributes to my crankiness today. i'm lethargic, my tummy hurts " i'm snapping at everyone.

man, am i backwards. i'd think most people want more sleep, to be lazy " to eat whatever they want.

it doesn't help that i have to fork out the deductible to fix my car " the other lady's. oh, well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

back in the shop

Pitter is in the shop for the second time in her life. and they gave me a crappy cavalier to drive while she's there...nothing electronic or automatic but the transmission. and it drives like a box of aluminum. though Pitter may be intimidated right now 'cause she's surrounded by Lexus' " Porsche's, she's going to feel like a Beamer to me. you see, she's at the foofoo autobody shop. i was impressed.

OOH! and an extra bonus to this deal is that the dent in my bumper from when my guy backed into me will be taken care of. they think it happened last thursday. hee. ALMOST makes the accident worth it.

Monday, November 14, 2005

being grown-up

this morning i had to call PG&E to come check a gas leak in my oven. i then had to sit at home " wait for him to show up. a half-hour later, my car insurance company called me to chat about a claim. yes, i got in another accident, and yes, it was my fault. aside from that, i was grown-up " knew exactly how to handle the call. Pitter will be fixed by this weekend.

i was just talking to lercher about being grown up when it's necessary, and he said, "almost as important as buying a house was the fact that I beat a video game this weekend."

this is brilliant. we have moments of adultliness (word stolen from lercher)...but the kid in us still shines through.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


today i realized my life is unbelievably awesome, and it's because of the people in it. i mean, i've got a good job, great car, a cute house (i rent)...but what makes my life so good is the people involved.

i had a great weekend hangin' with supercool friends " the guy i spend oodles of time with. included in that was a couple hours with roommate ashley, who's back in the hospital because MS is takin' over her body for a bit again. her attitude " Faith blow me away...the nurses all want to check on her because she's so happy all the time. i walked out of her hospital room thinking about how blessed i am to know her...which led to thinking about all the amazing people i know.

if you're reading this blog, there's a great chance you're one of those amazing people. warm fuzzies to you.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

wireless tivo

this is fantastic. i set up wireless internet in my house...and then got my tivo to work with it. all by myself. i am a technical genius.

i admit, i made a few calls " chatted with a few people to get through the process, but in the end, it was all me. everything i did worked...i just needed patience for it to start. calling people gave the stuff time to work itself out.

i'm even more proud because last week SBC made me crabby with their processes, so i cancelled my account with them " found a better deal with comcast internet. now that everything is resolved, i'm quite pleased.

jo team revisited

so the team i picked...that i was so excited about...has changed dramatically. 5 of the 12 girls i wanted backed out on me. i don't know what they're thinking...i'm the coolest coach around " we win. ok, maybe not...but i like to think so.

it's going to be an interesting year. a fun challenge. we're gonna have heart " have a great time...that's for sure.

one of my favorites from last year made the team...and i actually begged her to play...but she got offered a spot on a better team, so she's gonna play for them. she's so sweet she called me tonight " started with, "this is going to be really hard for me to say..."

my heart is a little broken. i was spoiled last year.

stupid people strike again

my email to the employees:
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 2:09 PM
Subject: Subsidized Flu Shots

Subsidized FLU SHOTS!
Don't let the flu keep you from spending time with family and friends.
Eligible Employees: U.S Full-time employees
Not Eligible: Contractors/Temps and Dependents
Flu shots will be given on a first come first serve basis

DATE: 11/16/2005
TIME: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
PLACE: Conference Room

Who should get a flu shot and what should you know about the flu shot season?

For more information on Flu Shots please go to HR Online and view the Wellness section.

#1 Question Asked by Stupid People in response:
Are spouses eligible for flu shots?
[I deleted his name}
Director, Mid-Market " Enterprise Marketing Programs

this cracks me up…i didn’t know i was so passionate about this

Your Blogging Type is Artistic and Passionate

You see your blog as the ultimate personal expression - and work hard to make it great.

One moment you may be working on a new dramatic design for your blog...

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Monday, November 7, 2005

new JO team!

yesterday i had tryouts for this year's 14's team that i shall coach. i am superduper excited 'cause they're so dang cute! and talented. though i haven't gotten everyone to commit that i want, i'm sure we'll have a solid year " a ton of fun.

of course, i put on a great show of how much fun i am as a coach...i think some cheerleader moves came out of me that i didn't know i could do. who wouldn't want to play for me, after seeing that???

i admit, it was stressful at times, too. i hate telling girls they didn't make it. and i hate the politics involved with parents/club directors/other coaches. grrr.

Go Eclipse 14black!

Saturday, November 5, 2005

fan of the opposition

i got to go to a Wild/Sharks game tonight in San Jose. it was super exciting, and fun to be at a hockey game, but it still remains hard to be a fan of the opposing team. you see, whenever the fun music or cheers start, i feel like i shouldn't participate. i love to scream " yell " make a fool of myself like we did at Twins games...but not for a team i'm not cheering for. and it's tough when i'm the only one clapping for a good play.

of course, a part of me enjoys being different, stickin' out in a crowd, cheerin' for the "other" team.

Friday, November 4, 2005

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005


it drives me absolutely crazy when someone can walk right by me " not acknowledge my existence. i understand there are safety concerns, and you're not supposed to look someone in the eye...but, sheesh! if i'm in the hall at work and pass by someone, i'm going to acknowledge them...especially if they're alone. and i force them to acknowledge me. we're all just people. we deserve a little acknowledgement.

i wonder if this is my northern minnesota upbringing - we say hi to everyone we see...even if we don't know them. it was an adjustment when i moved to minneapolis to not say hi to everyone i passed while running or walking on the street. but i've since decided i'm just going to do so. ain't no harm in offerin' a smile " friendly greeting.

i could go on " on on this topic, but am going to stop here. except for this - i will one day be that super cool old person that walks the trail " says "good morning" in the most cheerful voice possible. that dude made my day while running lake harriet.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005


i did a happy dance when i saw gas is only $2.69. my tank is happily full for a few dollars less. yay!

bobbing for apples

fun event. note the costume change...suddenly, i was a '70's chick.
i could not get a dang apple to stick in my teeth. just about everyone else could, though...ah, well. 'twas fun tryin'.

best costume


saturday night’s party

here's the band we threw together saturday...we rocked!

halloween day - company party

we found out yesterday that my company goes crazy with halloween. you see, we'd entered the costume competition as a rock band 'cause we thought it'd be fun " entertaining. and low key. little did we know, departments go all out for this event. there was a beauty pageant, gilligan's island, and other little skits " fun events. we scrambled, and ended up making fools of ourselves headbanging to AC/DC on stage in front of 200 peeps. niiiiiice.