Thursday, July 31, 2008

new favorite blog - HR-y

roommate's mom found a new favorite blog for me - Evil HR Lady. EHR Lady says, "Why am I evil? Well, I'm not, but that's the perception of all of us in HR. Need to fire someone? Come to HR. Need to explain to someone why, even after working their rear end off all year, that their annual increase is 2.7%? Come to HR. Need to come up with new mountains of paperwork? Come to HR. So, come join me on the Evil Side. Oh, and send me your HR questions."

(sidenote: Team Shibby is in the finals again today...I plan to cheer them on in person...but, here's some virtual cheer, too!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

weird obsessions

So I’m obsessive about a couple things…and I can’t seem to change it. The most well-known is my fingernails – they gotta be perfect all the time. I carry my file with me everywhere, as well as clippers. I’ll pull either one out at dinner, if the need arises. It’s rude, I know, but I can’t help it. If, by chance, I don’t have my file (ack!), I will chew my nail until it’s satisfactory, or I find a file. It’s ridiculous.

Enter the new obsession – gmail labels. I had assumed it was perfectly normal to have 20+ labels and make sure every incoming email had one. It makes sense to me. Labels were good…but then Google brought the colored labels on, and I didn’t know what to do with myself…it’s awesome! Every email gets a color and a label…and most of the colors make sense. Green = money, red = bills, etc.

Roommate has brought it to my attention that not EVERY email requires a label…and it’s a little weird that I think so. In response - pbfpbpbpbfpbpbf. I have two weird obsessions…that I can think of…and I say it’s ok. (plus, I tried and I just can’t help it)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i've tried to stay away...but the twitter video may convince me to sign up...i'm kinda like carla.

brilliant marketing - go apple

this morning i got behind an suv with that familiar apple sticker in his window. strangely, something seemed off - and then i realized that the apple was backwards. i understand that in his rearview mirror it looks perfect, but is that the point? come on, selfish brothe' it for the people.

i can only assume that apple has trained me through marketing to believe the bite in the apple should face right.

(also, the email i send from my phone is now tagged with "iPhone power" instead of "Sent from my iPhone". it makes me laugh and i think i'm brilliant)

Monday, July 28, 2008

seriously? favre, seriously?

the old man needs to retire. i don't understand what he's thinking.

from this article: Favre told the site, "I don't want to be a distraction to the Packers, and I hope in the next few days we can come to an agreement that would allow me to continue playing football."

i'm sorry...i try not to get political on this thing...but, yeesh...the man is crossin' the line. at least the Vikings aren't talking to him. phew!

too many movies

i think i've seen too many 'shoot 'em up' movies lately. half a mile into my run this morning, i came across an empty water bottle. i had to avoid it because i knew that if i kicked it, it would explode and take my foot with it. it'd be rough to lose a foot.

granted, i was still half-asleep...but it's weird that these things go through my mind all of a sudden.

Friday, July 25, 2008

hidden talent

At my “new” job, I've been pushed to discover a skillset I didn't know I had - I can make signs and fancy emails with the best of ‘em. I throw in a few graphics, try out new fonts, organize the page…and suddenly, there’s a great sign. As a matter of fact, I recently received an email from a Sr Dir that said, “I hate to ask, but you’re so good with the graphics…will you make a sign for this?”

Maybe I shoulda just been an admin. (terrible, worst idea ever..mainly because details aren't my thing)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

huh...chiropractor done good

i went to a new chiro today 'cause my neck still hurts. i've only gone to a chiro a few times and i have new insurance, so i had to pick a name out of a hat. fortunately, i think she'll work out.

she's so good that my left leg grew one inch after she cracked my neck a few times (according to her). she also worked my stress knots like never before and might be able to get 'em out after a couple sessions. those tricky ultrasound machines, i tell ya. and her elbow.

(ps roommate reminded me that i threw my iphone across the room last night when the apps wouldn't work right. there's probably reason it stayed home today)

no iphone!

i know i'm not the only one to ever feel this way...and i'm certainly not the first to blog about it...but i left my iphone at home today.

i realized it at the first light i hit on my way to work...i totally freaked and thought i might lose my mind...but then i decided to leave it behind. and i'm ok. i've survived over an hour already. at this point, i may even wait until the end of the day to go get it. crazy, isn't it?

it's funny when the thing i think i rely on the most isn't available...and i survive.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

new life goal

use public transportation daily

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

not my best day

- i woke up with the worst crick (creek, crique, krik?) in my neck ever. it won't go away and i have a pretty awful headache from it.
- had a great run, though my neck hurt the rest of my body
- dropped Pitter Patter off at the shop for her 60k check-up
- rode my bike to work
- got some work done
- got news that a dude i was in a wedding with was shot while on policy duty in ft myers...tearfully sad.
- paid a bunch of money for Pitter Patter's tune-up
- had to ride my bike back to Pitter
- drove home
- got to catch up with Roommate Anne
- tried to go to volleyball, but my car wouldn't start. and there's a big pile of gas underneath it. not good, i'm pretty sure
- left a voicemail for car guy
- am trying to do this strategic plan for school, but am a bit stumped (plus, it's not due tomorrow...why would i work ahead?)
- am icing my neck with a frozen giant hershey's bar

thanks for letting me whine.

Monday, July 21, 2008

dark knight

the hype is right. and if you go, go to the IMAX.

djg's review

and from hlmm:
tons of TENSION mixed with some HUMOR alongside some ACTION and sprinkled with a little PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER on top

Sunday, July 20, 2008


when i was in mexico city, i fell in love with good tequila. it's just tasty. but they serve it with some tomato-juice type thing that no one i've asked has heard of. i finally emailed my mexico city tour guide/friend and he filled me you get a lesson in tequila, as well:

Its name is "Sangrita" and its a mixture between tomatoe juice, black pepper, salt and Tabasco sauce drops.

It's a shame that no one there has heard about it, cause its so famouse. But you can tell anyone that when you ask in a Mexican restaurant for Tequila shot, its mandatory that the waitress brings you two glasses (one with tequila and the other one with the "Sangrita").

Even when you ask in a restaurant for a tradittional "flag" (You know the three colors of the Mexican Flag: Green, White and Red) they will bring you three glasses: A lemon juice shot (Green), a Tequila shot (White) and a Sangrita shot (Red).


Friday, July 18, 2008


go comment on roommate's challenge

the Perfect Day

tomorrow morning i'm waking up early to head to San Francisco.

first, we're going to stop at Starbucks to make the morning easier. at 10am, we'll be viewing Dark Knight in the IMAX. afterwards, we're heading to AT&T Park to watch some major league baseball (one of my favorite things to do). after the Brewers have successfully put the Giants to shame, we'll head to some yummy restaurant and enjoy a night out in SF.

i predict it to be one of the best days of my life and i'm not even worried about setting my expectations too high.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

*sigh* my hero

morneau was the best, once again. the guy never seems to fail me.

i am still waiting for him to ask me to marry him...

while i'm talking about the Twins, i should mention that they've been rockin' pretty hard lately. lots o' wins (i got to see one of them in the 'dome) and just a couple losses. 1.5 games back...not bad.

Monday, July 14, 2008

happy belated 4th!

i shoulda posted this a while ago...but, seriously...seriously.

CA is a huggy state

this recently hit me...when i meet new people - especially close friends or families of friends - i don't walk away without getting a hug.

as roommate knows, i'm not a hugger. i try to be nice, and will hug back when hugged, but i usually don't initiate. i think it's a midwest, respect my space, thing.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

great weekend

for me, a great weekend is made up of productivity, rest and fun. i got a lot done, feel refreshed and laughed quite a bit.

my golf game didn't improve, but playing 10 holes can't hurt. i didn't get all the way through chapter two of my homework, but i'm halfway there. i got a new iphone. i laid on the beach.

life is good. i almost feel ready for work tomorrow.

Friday, July 11, 2008

non-flip-flop day consequences

i didn't wear flip-flops yesterday. they are my shoe of choice, and yes, i often sneak them in to work and pretend i'm still a professional....but not yesterday. unfortunately, my poor toes hated being trapped in shoes and are rebelling a bit today with pain. nothing excruciating - just a reminder that flip-flops are the way to go.

(nope, no iphone for me, yet...maybe after lunch)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

3G iphone eve

if any faithful west coast readers want to show up early to stand in line with me tomorrow, let me know. i ain't goin' in there alone.

mn peeps, i wish you all the luck (roommate, you're included in that).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"new" dance!

it's new to me...the melbourne shuffle.

i HAVE to learn how to pull this off (can't you see it now?!?)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the beginning of the end

tomorrow night my last MBA class starts. i'm pretty anxious about the whole thing - just one more pretty huge project and i have my MBA. 6 weeks of fairly intense school stuff. and i just noticed that i have class all day this coming saturday - i guess the beach will have to wait.

a funny video on the hands-free talking

Monday, July 7, 2008

hands-free talking

Senate Bill 1613 by Senator Joe Simitian prohibits drivers from using hand-held cell phones on California's roadways beginning July 1, 2008. Hands-free devices such as bluetooth headsets will still be allowed. This new California driving law will impose a fine of $20 for a first-time offense and $50 for each additional offense.
- that's from this site

i only messed up once in the past week, but the cops didn't catch me. i'm waiting to see who will be busted or someone i know...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

a change in lunch

we changed our lunch's no longer two bucks...but it's only $3.50, so i'm still not complaining.

and with our new vendor it's like i get to be a sandwich artist every day! my own personal Subway (that i share with a couple hundred others).

good books

i've read some good books lately...see and look me up. set up an account and start reading.

yay, friday-like day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

summer of '08

I was at a Girl Power meeting for professional women a couple weeks ago and started a list of summer goals…the gals I was with added to it:
• Big raise (or lottery)
• Roller coasters in Vallejo
• Disneyland
• Trapezing
• Half dome
• Great America
• Half marathon (5k for non-runners)
• Karin builds another website
• Espi gets a job
• Go somewhere you’ve never been before (CA or not)
• …
I just found the slip of paper and felt this needed to be documented