Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas!

whether it be white, green or brown...have a very merry Christmas!

(mine's white...and 30 degrees today...yay!)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

pick-up line

if you were crime, i'd take a bite out of ya.


it seems everyone in california has a twin in minnesota. i continually see people " have to figure out if i actually know them - where am i " where are they? california or minnesota? it makes me giggle.

i haven't embarassed myself, yet.

Monday, December 19, 2005


my 10 minute commute this morning was great...except for the negative four fahrenheit temperature. oy. how did i do this for so many years?

another difference - i got here at 8:10. in california, that's a front row parking spot. here, i'm at the end of the row. the cold must wake us up early, or something.

how fun to be back!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


my final sucked " i did pretty poorly on it. i'm thankful for the A i got on my midterm...should pull me through.

and now my bags are loaded on the plane " i'm waiting in the airport for the plane to take me to supersnowy minneapolis. ya-hoo for the holidays!

Monday, December 12, 2005


now i'm going back to studying. and packing. and not blogging.


i get more excited about little presents than the big, huge, expensive ones. don't get me wrong...i love getting big stuff...but i really love getting little things. it's probably part of my "the little things are what count" philosophy. plus, it means less money was spent on me (there are better causes to put money towards than me).

roommate becki started the four days of christmas yesterday, and has left me little trinkets in the morning. it's been very exciting.

i truly am just as happy receiving a $5 starbucks card as a new ipod. not that i'm getting a new ipod. i'm just sayin'.

in awe

once again, i am completely in awe of the incredible people that have contributed to my life. perhaps this studying has sent my mind over the edge, but i'm just so thankful for each " every person, and for all that i have in life. i am fortunate. thank you for being who you are! my heart feels ready to explode with all the love i have for you.

christmas is just a great time to reflect. (and studying causes my mind to doubt about it)


an amazing thing just happened, so i must blog:
a firetruck drove right past my front door. 'twas beautiful.

(i'm at home studying for my final today...oy)

merry christmas & happy new year!

i know it's early, but i'm leaving town in two days, and think i'm gonna take a break from blogging...unless something amazing strikes me...which is possible. 'tis the season.

my schedule...track me down, if you can:
wed, dec 14 - fly to mpls
thurs, dec 15 - drive to tremont, il for roommate anne's wedding
sun, dec 18 - drive to mpls, stoppin' in cedar rapids
mon - thurs, dec 19 - 22 - work in roseville " see peeps
fri, dec 23 - ski at Wild Mountain, head north to ely
sat - thurs, dec 24 - 29 - ely!!!
thurs, dec 29 - sun, jan 1 - giants ridge in biwabik
sun, jan 1 - drive to mpls to fly out at 10pm

Friday, December 9, 2005

fun with people

i dyed my hair again last night. brunette. yeah, it's dark. for all those lovers of blondes, i apologize. for all those who want me to be blonde, i apologize. i understand i have a 'blonde' personality, and it 'just suits me,' but it ain't natural. and i'm too low maintenance to continually fix my roots. though in about 3 weeks it'll be washed out " blonde-ish again, which is where i find solace.

so it's kinda fun to see the reactions of people. i put it up in a pony today so it wouldn't be AS obvious, but it's still dang obvious. i fully expected everyone to hate it, so i've been pleasantly surprised by those who dig it. it's fun.

in general, chicks dig it, guys hate it. again, we find that guys dig blondes. makes me giggle.

i'm curious to see if my personality changes. i tend to think it does...

(a special apology goes out to lercher)

another pet peeve

u sux

i hate it when someone types that " thinks it says, "you suck!" 'cause it doesn't. it's "sucks." and that's just not right.

venting session over.

Thursday, December 8, 2005


i love it when i pull up in the parking lot " someone is sitting in their car waiting for the story to end on npr.


i heart the blue icee.
target has them. yum.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005


i HATE the dentist. always have, and always will.
i realized this morning my main issue is the scraping sound. scraping has always given me the chills, and having it come from my own mouth is the WORST. and it hurts. and there's blood. and i tense up " squeeze my hands together so they " my forearms are sore for the rest of the day. it's just a terrible experience.

but i have no cavities.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005


today i'm lookin' pretty professional. i'm wearing a black turtleneck sweater, a long, gray skirt...and then i've got Goofy Christmas socks. ridiculous.

some could think it's cool...others would say i'm a complete dork. i'll have to show our vp...she once gave me the up-down for wearing flipflops at work.

Monday, December 5, 2005


i had to scrape my windshield this morning. i'm the only one on my block, and probably my whole town, with a scraper, but it came in handy today.

i think it was 37 degrees.

a moment

last night i had a moment of "holy crap, i'm an adult." i was in the kitchen and the fact that i live in a cute, little house i call home " am fully responsible for myself hit me. i'm a grown-up. kinda funny.

i have no explanation for why this hit me, and steve looked at me like i was an idiot when i told him...but i think it's cool.

oh, christmas tree

we put up a christmas tree this weekend! i'm only here for another week " a half, but, man, it's awesome to have a tree.
i heart christmas.