Monday, July 11, 2005


spending time on the lake reminded me of how fortunate i am to get to live in california...mainly, we have no mosquitos, gnats, or flies in california. there's nothing more annoying than having to go inside on a beautiful evening because the bugs are so nasty.

my family

i love my family. i love that we have two vacations a year where everyone in my immediate family gets together to hang out. it feels a little bit surreal - how many families with 4 children can get together for a week at a time " enjoy the time together? 6 kids who are 9 months to 8 yrs and 9 adults makes for a whole lot of chaos.

i felt like i could have used more time with them, but as john mentioned...i could never get enough time with my family. having a family as strong as i do makes it easier to be so far away. seems backwards, but it's how i feel.

lercher’s wedding

it was beautiful. i had a great time getting to know his family " friends, and was honored to be a part of it. and to be named "tb"...what a privilege. jami was a fantastically calm bride, which made it easy to be her personal attendant. i truly was honored.

i love going to weddings that i know the couple is perfect for each other, and will live happily ever after.

pics are up, within the MN Summer '05 link.

Twins game!

I had a great time at the Twins game on Friday, July 1. It was fun to be back at the dome with K, A, Rachel " others...good memories. We sat right behind Shannon Stewart " Torii Hunter, and screamed for all the others. I do like the outdoor ballparks a lot better, but the dome has it's endearing characteristics. Ice cream in the little hat, Dome Dogs, pop, etc.


it's interesting to move away for about a year " come back to find some people have changed quite a bit, some have changed a little and some are exactly as i left. i struggled the first couple days with how to deal with this, as i've changed a TON since i left...but, in the end, everyone's happy, and that makes me happy.

bachelor party

i throw a kickin' bachelor party. the groom, lercher, was quite pleased with how the night went, which is what matters.

as the rule says, what goes on at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party. however, the bride knew everything that happened, as well as the best man " his parents. unfortunately, this is all i'm saying to you. pics are up on my site, i guess.

i’m back!

what an awesome, awesome trip to the homeland. i squeezed in a ton of fun activities, saw a million people, and still felt it was fairly relaxed " unhectic. (is that a word?)

today has been crazy. i got home at 1 am, dumped my stuff on the floor of my living room, played around online for a bit " tried to sleep. this morning i had to hang at home waiting for the cable man while i did emails, then came in to my new office for my new company, manager " job. i'm totally clueless as to how to do much of anything, so i basically unpacked my cube. it all fits! i had my doubts, as the higher up the corporate chain i go, the smaller my office gets. anyway, it's the end of the day, and i'm going for a drink with my coworker. i don't really want any alcohol, but i want to catch up.

several blog entries are to come on this most excellent trip to MN.