Tuesday, February 19, 2008


apparently, i've gotten too old to keep up with this thing.

if anything major happens, i'll post it...but life's feelin' out of control (as it does every spring when i'm working, going to school and coaching)...so i'm takin' a break.

i will return. i've got too much to say not to.

later tators!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


30 of My Favorite Memories from Celebrating 30
(in no particular order)

Serg’s breakdance, raisins, Danielle Steele, awesome voicemails (singing or not), a new necklace, Guitar Hero, 40 for 30, Wings!, jumpin’ around, cupcakes, karaoke…so many great songs, new friends, old friends (even moving from MN), a tiara, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, a 1:49am PST birthday song wake-up, a tiara, skippin’ class, EBar dinner, balloons, so many phone calls/emails/comments, flowers, no workouts, cheek kisses, Grind, f the k, midnight birthday kickoffs, sourdough jacks, coaching a winning team, make-up

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

radio lady

i woke up to the radio lady telling me it was supposed to be 70 & sunny today. 4th year in a row with a birthday at 70 or above. God loves me.


hello, thirties

huh. i made it. i don't feel very different.
i decided that i didn't want to spend the last day of my twenties in school, so i skipped out. totally a thirty-year-old decision. :-)
had some dindin with willlo...it was fantastic...then met up with roommate, yak, serg and eventually SR & willlo...made it to midnight and now i need to sleep. nothin' like great friends to ring in 30 with.
jump around!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

farewell, twenties

as i approach the last day of my twenties, i'm feeling reflective...

in my twenties...
i went to israel for a semester. i worked at a chinese restaurant. i bought a green dodge neon. i graduated. i got a grown-up job. i met a bazillion great people and became friends with several of them. i had a couple pretty great boyfriends. i was in 9 or 10 weddings. i learned the value of having an open mind. i helped out at church family camp in montana. i did a lot with RezzKids. i played a lot of volleyball. i started coaching volleyball. i played kickball and softball. i looked for other jobs, but stayed in the one i had for seven years. they moved me to california at year four. i fell in love with california. i missed minnesota. i got six nieces and nephews. i went skydiving. i ran a half-marathon. i found my california 'hollywood' church. i got a new job at a biotech company. i moved into an apartment in mountain view. i did a lot more than this, but i'm tired.

i struggled with the thought of turning 30.

it's been great, twenties. really, really great. a lot of growth. a few hard times...many great times. i learned to not take life so seriously and to find joy in the little things. i learned the value of good friends. i learned that, overall, life is good.

the thirties will be good. more growth. more people to meet. more fun memories. not so scary, afterall...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

happy birthday, donatello!

february 9, says myspace.
this is a pic we got of Donatello while we were in the NYC subway...he was sneaky, but we were sneakier! (there's only 1 of him...not 30)

february birthday people should rule the world some day. donatello, roommate, jeremy, myself...i tell ya...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday!

splurge on something today...maybe give it up for forty days, starting tomorrow (not 30)...and go vote!

Monday, February 4, 2008


while stuck in traffic on my way to school, i decided that the rest of the posts this month need to somehow incorporate the number 30.

i started these two lists...
what will change when i turn 30:
  • i'll have to check the '30-39' box instead of '20-29'
  • i'll have a better chance to win races, 'cause i'm in an older age category

    what won't change when i turn 30:
  • i still won't wash my feet (see previous post)
  • i'll still have the same name and stuff
  • i'll have the same driver's license (until 31)
  • insurance rates stay the same
  • i'll still have debt to pay off

  • that's all i got so far...

    stupid school

    because of class tonight, i had to turn down an offer to play AWESOME volleyball (reverse coed A). i got to play a couple weeks ago and had so much fun i couldn't believe it. i met some new players...it was a higher level than i've been playing...it was a blast.

    but i'm going to class tonight.

    Sunday, February 3, 2008


    i think it was the first time i did not go with the underdog...and look where it got me. at least i didn't lose any money. :-)

    faith sunday #2

    to me, prayer is a pretty awesome thing. it's obviously the way i chat with God, but it can also be my connection to people - on a spiritual level. let me explain...

    there have been times that i've gotten pretty passionate about a situation or person while i'm praying and later i find out that it had impact... last year i was in church on Father's Day and passionately prayed that my dad would get an extra blessing that day...i called him after church to chat, and as we were about to hang up, he said, "oh, we prayed for my shoulder today and it feels a million times better." i asked what time...and it was about the same time as i was praying for him. that's just plain awesome.

    the reason this comes up is 'cause friday night i was praying for ashley 'cause stupid MS is hitting her. i felt like God had taken action, so i sent her a text. she replied to let me know that she'd stood up and hopped a little. sooooo amazing.

    prayer has power...they don't say that for nothin'. and thanks, God, for listening to me.

    and this is a little more insight into how my Faith works.

    Friday, February 1, 2008

    go red!

    sadly, i totally forgot to wear red today...beyond my heart socks in honor of february...but i can still celebrate heart health & red!