Friday, April 10, 2009

easter & thanksgiving

these are two holidays that i love, but that often sneak up on me. i usually don't go to minnesota for i forget to make plans out here...and then suddenly, it's a holiday! and i have nothing to do. hmph.

good thing i need a low-key weekend. i hope to hit the beach for easter...seems wise.


A few months ago I had to renew the “host” of For financial reasons, I made the switch from domainmonger to godaddy (it was half price). Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out godaddy, so I just let it ride…thinking they’d magically transfer my settings from domainmonger over. Plus, I thought I read that somewhere – and when I don’t want to deal with something, I go until I find the answer I like and run with it. I liked the “we’ll magically take care of it for you” answer.

After purchasing some A’s tickets earlier this week, I realized that the * email had never come with my tickets attached. Lightbulb!!! I had never set godaddy up so my emails would forward to my gmail. Oops! Thankfully, Mooney saved the day and got it all set up…and the A’s customer service helped me find my tickets. Phew.

If you sent an email to * in the past few months, I’m sorry. I haven’t received it. Fortunately, I haven’t received any emails meant for, either.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009