Sunday, November 28, 2004

NYC observations

I had a great trip! It was fantastic to catch up with a few friends " family, and superfun to see a new city " lifestyle. Here are some of my observations:
-it's old...there's lotsa history
-it's old money. not new money like CA. and there's lots of it.
-there's more trees " grass there than in San Jose. and Central Park is gorgeous. the drive to boston is amazing, too. i dig the east coast. i think i'd like to live out there some day. coastal living rules!
-people are beautiful on the east coast, too. fake beautiful. ridiculous, i believe cousin joe said. less blonde than the west coast, but just as fake.
-you gotta walk FAST
-you gotta walk everywhere. shannon doesn't have a car, so we trained it. on friday i wore shoes with heels 'cause we went to the Rockettes, and my feet still hate me. what great exercise, though.
-there is more opportunity to learn about history " politics out's everywhere

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