Sunday, December 19, 2004

life is good

Kids, I can not put into words how great my life is. I love the holiday season 'cause it reminds me to reflect " recognize all I've got. I mean, this year has been unbelievable, and I'm thankful every day, was absolutely fantastic.

This is my Sunday:
1. I woke up without an alarm
2. I went to my wicked cool church with my wicked cool roommate
3. I made myself some lunch " lounged on the couch with Sunday football on
4. I went to the bank " decided to treat myself to a manicure/pedicure
5. I drove through the mountains to Santa Cruz to finish up some Christmas shopping, all the while crankin' my MN church's CD to help me thank God for all I have (my singin' voice doesn't make anybody very happy)
6. I walked along the boardwalk
7. I watched some hotties playing volleyball on the beach
8. I walked along the wharf " picked up some great Christmas presents for family " friends back home
9. I called my boy in Singapore
10. I drove back home through the beautiful mountains
11. I decided to treat Pitter for Christmas, and gave her the luxury bath
12. I'm home relaxin', with plans to get some cleaning " organizing done so I can get to MN on time!

Let me add that it's at least 65 degrees " matter where I go. I wore flipflops all day " was totally fine.

When is this vacation going to end??? I LOVE MY LIFE!

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