Friday, May 13, 2005


I will admit, I'm on one of those obnoxious highs that makes me a bit too happy. I may annoy you. I am currently finding the good in EVERYTHING...even the crap.

I almost forgot it was FlipFlop Friday, but remembered as I was about to put sandals on. Unfortunately, none of my flipflops coordinated with my outfit, so I had to change my shirt to match. Not really a problem...I still look good. :-)
I'm very excited for the coming weekend because it's supposed to be beautiful outside, I have fun friends to hang with, and I'm throwing a bbq for my team " their families on Sunday evening. It'll be a bit stressful, as I really have no way to accomodate all those people, but it'll be fun. I've asked them to be flexible.

Question - What is the song, "Brass Monkey" about? I tried to listen to the words this morning, and didn't catch it...

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