Monday, June 13, 2005


this blog has become more of a "kristie's thoughts on life" than a "california vs minnesota" thing. i think it's kinda fun, but let me add these comments to make myself feel better...
- bro-in-law bill was amazed that there are no bugs out here
- the grocery store i go to is called Albertsons, and sometimes i hit Safeway
- there are still stray cats everywhere
- the weather has become boring again - 80 " sunny every day. tonight i was talking to lercher " he brought up the tornado warnings. i got excited 'cause i miss that crazy weather.
- i still find it amazing that i live in California
- this whole MBA thing is also makin' a big commitment to CA. it takes a few years to get through it.
- back to the weather - i didn't go outside today 'cause i know there will be several more beautiful, sunny days to come. sounds pretty local to me.

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