Monday, July 11, 2005

i’m back!

what an awesome, awesome trip to the homeland. i squeezed in a ton of fun activities, saw a million people, and still felt it was fairly relaxed " unhectic. (is that a word?)

today has been crazy. i got home at 1 am, dumped my stuff on the floor of my living room, played around online for a bit " tried to sleep. this morning i had to hang at home waiting for the cable man while i did emails, then came in to my new office for my new company, manager " job. i'm totally clueless as to how to do much of anything, so i basically unpacked my cube. it all fits! i had my doubts, as the higher up the corporate chain i go, the smaller my office gets. anyway, it's the end of the day, and i'm going for a drink with my coworker. i don't really want any alcohol, but i want to catch up.

several blog entries are to come on this most excellent trip to MN.

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