Friday, January 6, 2006

volleyball team questionnaire

i had my new 14's team fill out a simple questionnaire...basic questions about their best skill in vb, areas that can be improved, favorites, are some of my favorite answers (remember, they're 13 years old):

What is your favorite warm up song?
I dont have a favorite because I dont even no any
because i have never been on a club volleyball team
before but, I am looking forward to learning some.

Is there anything else you want me to know about you:
Well, i am a 2nd degree blackbelt. I particapate in
school activities such as sports. I am also on the
student council. i get 1st honors for my grades and
lowest being a B+ or an A-. BUT MOST OF ALL I LUV
VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need i say
more? I am very excited to play for eclipse cause i
chose over others cuz i knew that u could give me a
challenge and push me to become the best. the coaches
are nice and athletic which is a good role model for
me to always no to keep in shape, practice , and even
to practice more. But most importantly to believe that
i can be my best not anyone elses best but my personal
best. that is why i decided to do volleyball cuz i
would pick it over everything else......

favorite hobby: ski, karate,VOLLEYBALL, biking, public
speaking,VOLLEYBALL typing, soccer,VOLLEYBALL
listening to music, shopping, talking on the phone
with my friends, hanging with my girl and guy
friends,VOLLEYBALL chatting on IM with my friends,
having sleep overs, reading books,VOLLEYBALL helping
out at my karate school as an instructor, and like ya

Is there anything else you want me to know?
I love volleyball, I haven’t played in a month or two but as soon as I get the hang of it things will be fine! I also really like constructive criticism, because it is what helps me improve.

What is your favorite warm-up song? A: There are warm-up songs? I didn't know that... Um, yah, so I don't have a favorite warm-up song.

Favorite music: I like just about all types excpet heavy metal. I hate heavy metal.

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