Wednesday, April 18, 2007

volleyball - a lesson learned

i'm trying really hard to play "ok" volleyball on a coed team.  mainly to make new churchy friends.  it's always been a struggle for me to play ok vb, and for some reason, i thought i'd try again.  honestly, i just don't have as much fun playing any more 'cause i'm old & decrepit...or at least, i can't do what i used to playing bad volleyball is even less fun.

anyway, tonight i discovered that the ultimate in annoying is when a teammate tells me how to play...tells the team he's the only one giving his all...tells us our passing is awful...and continues with the negativity.  i discovered that i completely close down after someone who doesn't know as much as i do tries to teach me something.  grrrrrrrrrrr.

i almost want to quit.  not sure what i'll do.  thanks for listening to me vent, and i sure hope no one from this team reads this...though most will understand.

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