Thursday, September 20, 2007

update on school

i realized tonight that i haven't blogged about school, yet, this semester...

my professor is a really happy man...the class is supply chain management...which isn't interesting...but he's a happy man, so i want to learn from him.   he laughs at himself all the time and i love it.

i also realized that when i only have a few things to do, i don't do anything.  i haven't been busy at work,  i only have one class going on right now, and there's nothing else i really need to be responsible i don't do anything.  it's rough.  i'm behind.  however, as soon as new job starts, i'm pretty sure i'll get right back on track.  this happened when i served tables, too - i took care of everything on busy nights...but i slacked with my customers on slow nights.  kinda funny.

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