Sunday, February 3, 2008

faith sunday #2

to me, prayer is a pretty awesome thing. it's obviously the way i chat with God, but it can also be my connection to people - on a spiritual level. let me explain...

there have been times that i've gotten pretty passionate about a situation or person while i'm praying and later i find out that it had impact... last year i was in church on Father's Day and passionately prayed that my dad would get an extra blessing that day...i called him after church to chat, and as we were about to hang up, he said, "oh, we prayed for my shoulder today and it feels a million times better." i asked what time...and it was about the same time as i was praying for him. that's just plain awesome.

the reason this comes up is 'cause friday night i was praying for ashley 'cause stupid MS is hitting her. i felt like God had taken action, so i sent her a text. she replied to let me know that she'd stood up and hopped a little. sooooo amazing.

prayer has power...they don't say that for nothin'. and thanks, God, for listening to me.

and this is a little more insight into how my Faith works.

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