Monday, April 14, 2008

a chill coach

Two days ago I was telling SC friend about how I think I’ve grown as a coach – I used to crash after every tournament from emotional exhaustion. I’d just get so wrapped up in each game, in each girl, that I’d be DONE by the end of the day. It’s not really the case any more…I stay fairly chill throughout the day and can plan activities for after a tourney ‘cause I’ll still have some energy left. Seems more healthy to me – I ain’t playin’, afterall.

But then we had a tourney yesterday. Oy vey…I crashed after that one. Another coach really ticked me off…and then my girls were exhausted and just couldn’t play any more…and then we lost to the evil coach. Grrrrrrrrrr…I had to take at least two walks throughout the day to try to chill out. And then last night I pouted at home with my In N Out burger and a sauna…and lots of whining to anyone who would listen.

Guess I still have some learnin’ to do…

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