Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i found a negative!

I really haven’t had any complaints about living in the Bay Area…at all. It’s expensive, yeah, but there’s plenty of explanations for that. Mountains, ocean, great weather…

While chatting with some coworkers today, I realized that I finally have a solid complaint…and I’ve referred to it before…but it has more impact now. I think I’ve talked about how dehydrated I always am – I just can’t keep up on water. It’s annoying, but I can deal. I drink a lot of water. Someone told my mom a couple months ago that it’s partly because of the salt in the air from the ocean….which kinda made sense to me, so I bought into it. The salt dries everything out – my blood, my skin, etc. Here’s the kicker – it’s also drying out my hair. I know I kill my hair every so often with dye, blowdry it every day and curl or straighten it…but it used to be able to handle all that. Now it’s just dry and a bit annoying. Humph.

Unfortunately, Minnesota friends, this isn’t enough to get me to move back. Sorry.

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