Saturday, February 14, 2009


every year i have a great birthday - lots of fun with friends and coworkers, thoughts from family, adventures, reflections on life, birthday cakes, etc. it's my favorite time of year. maybe it's because i get to be the center of attention - but, really, i just love it when people get together to celebrate and be happy. for whatever reason.

this year, again, takes the cake (haha). everything about it was perfect - so many incredible friends, plans worked out smoothly, so much fun, so many laughs, so many "holy crap, i get to live this life" moments. i'm thankful. so thankful.

i'm blessed beyond belief.

(and i'm pretty sure the prescription of prednisone got me through the birthday...this cold should have kicked my butt...even that little ER asthma experience was totally worth it)

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