Friday, August 21, 2009

friday ramblings

this is not official, but i think i'm going to remain a Vikings fan this year. i really couldn't figure out what to do with having Favre on the team, as i hate him with such passion...but i've always been a Vikings fan...and i'm playing fantasy football this year, so i have to pay close attention to the now that he's actually on the team, and this isn't just a dream, i think i'm gonna stick with 'em. as jbuck said, either Favre loses or the Vikings win - i win, no matter what.

i know i said i'd leave the Vikings if they took on Brett Favre...but I also said i'd never run a marathon. sometimes things happen. and i'll make this official, or not, before the season starts.

with that, i am in a "very serious" fantasy football league this year at work. i think i surprised them a little when i signed up, but it'll be fun. i've got a few cheat sheets to work off of, friends are willing to help and i think some players are cute. when all else fails, i'll go to the hotness factor. the boys i'm playing against will love it.

and i'm going to Vegas tomorrow to see Daughtry with some super fun peeps. we have plans to eat, drink, gamble, eat, daughtry, pool, eat, drink,'ll be fabulous.

ps i won a bet! lercher has started to fall apart - just after his 30th bday. i asked him to refresh my memory on our actual wager:
kristie44: do you remember our actual bet?
lercher: margaritas in mexico
lercher: you were complaining that 30 is when your body starts to break down
lercher: I said, I'm doing fine
lercher: you bet that I would start to fall apart, which I turned in to, going to visit the dr
lercher: loser has to buy margaritas in mexico
lercher: the next day, you said, since it was all inclusive, how would that work? I said, we'd leave the hotel and go to a bar
lercher: instead of an entire log of how the whole thing happened, I suppose I could have just said yes, I remember
lercher: and now you're posting this all somewhere, aren't you?

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