Monday, May 10, 2010

paid vacation: day 32-33

the long beach trip was fantastic! got up at the butt-crack of dawn to catch a flight and be down there by 9am. it was still foggy and cold, so we grabbed brunch on a patio until the sun came out. then it was an afternoon of laying on the beach, trying to get tan. (i'm peeling now, so it worked)

tuesday night we caught the Dodgers game - i can check another stadium off the list. the stadium was pretty great - hard to get to and big and old - but the fans were pretty awesome. there weren't many Brewers fans at all - not like the Bay Area when half the fans are there for the "enemy" - but there was some rockin' blue hair and Dodger gear. we even got free blankets for the giveaway! we ended up at Shade in Manhattan Beach for a cocktail and decided to stay there next's got more action than Redondo Beach.

wednesday was a totally chill day layin' on the beach (sun came out at 10am on wednesday)...then a quick walk through Manhattan Beach for lunch. it was completely relaxing, a great getaway and the perfect end to a pretty great paid vacation.

though it would have been fun to go somewhere far away for a couple weeks, i'm glad i got to stick around and relax. i got to know SF quite a bit better, learned some public transportation tricks, kept on coachin' and had a great time doing it.

i finished my third day of work today - and i love it. consulting and it's craziness may just fit my personality to a 't'. we'll seeeeeeeeeeeee...

happy trails, friends! i hope y'all get a paid month of vacation some day soon, was truly awesome. (though it's nice to have a routine again)

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