Wednesday, January 18, 2012

life-changing moments

there are few real life-changing moments. i mean, little things happen now and again that set your course, but every once in a while, life is changed. this rock changed my life in an awesome way. i love this guy, i know i want to partner up in this crazy life with him, and now it's set in stone (or rock...haha). i'm a blessed girl.

the story from my perspective...
it was to be a beautiful, 70 degree january day, so minh suggested we take a motorcycle ride to the south bay. we usually take 280 straight down, but he suggested highway 1 to make it a casual ride along the ocean. as the slow rider, i always lead the way and i missed the first exit to get the full ocean ride...but we decided to keep going and get on 1 at our next opportunity. we rode down 1 for a bit and i eventually turned off onto a road that i thought took us to the beach - but it didn't, so we got back on 1. we ended up missing all ocean stops (i have a feeling that was where we were meant to end up), and headed up to Skyline (see previous post about my new favorite road). it was an absolutely gorgeous day and after riding for a bit, minh suggested we pull over and enjoy some sun.

we sat and chatted for a bit...i'll confess that i was a bit frustrated with our future plan as a couple, or lack thereof...and suddenly he pulled out a ring and asked if it'd help. shock and awe. how could this be happening?!? is it for real?!? what do i do?!?

after some tears and speechlessness, he said, "is that a yes?" i said yes. he asked me to try the ring on...i have to admit that it freaked me out and it took some coaxing for me to put it on, but it was perfect. so sparkly. so beautiful. so much better than anything i could have described or dreamed about. and completely unexpected.

surreal. now what? :-)

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Espi said...

Crying! So beautiful!!!!