Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Boy Dang (BBD)

March 5, 2013, 4 days before our wedding, our world was rocked - after a couple weeks of denial, I finally took a test to learn that we were pregnant. God proved his sense of humor, once again. On top of pulling off the greatest wedding ever (in my eyes), I had to figure out how not to drink alcohol without anyone catching on...and how to focus on this awesome occasion without the distraction of becoming a parent...holy crap. We did it - the wedding was the perfect celebration and I had a sober blast. And then we went to Ireland where I watched my hubby drink a few Guinness and Jamesons.  :-)

I'm slowly adjusting to this whole concept of a baby - the more pregnant I get, the more real it is and the more I can process. There's a reason this takes 9 months...

The start of my belly pictures. I will forever love that my wedding pic is my 6 week belly...too funny.

My 6 week belly

12 week belly

18 week belly

pop - 20 week belly & maternity clothes!

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