Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Back in Cali…weird

I had an INCREDIBLE trip home. Seeing my family was fantastic, catching up with some friends was invaluable, and freezing my butt off was kinda fun.
I've learned the value of a solid family, and no longer take it for granted. Being 1500 miles away makes a person more aware of what she truly has. I ended up staying an extra day just to have more time with my nieces/nephews, siblings " parents, and it was well worth it. I missed out on New Year's fun with friends, but I, personally, feel the trade-off was ok. Leaving my family this time was ten times harder because I know what it actually means now. I won't see them for a few months, minimum. When I left in August, I was off to adventure " fun things. This time, I'm still on an adventure, but it's more real. Long-term.
I also value the true friendships I have in Minnesota. It was soooo good to see some people " catch up. Distance doesn't tear true friends apart.
I'll admit, I'm still in a daze, unsure of what's going on " where I am. It was so easy to adjust back to MN-living. Felt much more natural. But I'm still excited to be living in CA, and plan to continue taking advantage of all I have around me.
Hope you had a GREAT Holiday Season!

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