Tuesday, September 20, 2005

coolest negotiation story ever

the volleyball club i coach for emailed me last week to firm up my contract for 2006. they said they generally raise salary $50/month per year, but that was negotiable. i read this as "ask for more money." so i did. but i only asked for a little more money. to my pleasant surprise, i received a reply that said, "we're going to double what you asked for. sound ok?" (RIDICULOUS!)

in the meantime, i emailed another club who was advertising for coaches to see what they paid. it's less than i was paid last year, so i know i'm doing ok. the other club then said they'd heard great things about me and would love for me to coach for them. i declined, as i love the club i work for...but dang, it's good to know my name's out there.

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