Sunday, September 11, 2005


I highly recommend you try skydiving at least once in your life. it is an incredibly awesome experience that really just leaves you speechless.

in brief:
the place we went was a DIVE. a warehouse filled with couches, people in jumpsuits sleepin' all over, some packin' up their parachutes, dogs layin' around, etc. it was awesome. totally laid back " carefree. they got us up in the air within 30 minutes of getting there, so we didn't have much time to get nervous. the guy i jumped with was an older, superfunny gentleman. he quit his job in san jose to move up north " jump out of planes for a living. i totally respect that. he cracked me up. sandra got the hot, young guy strapped to her. so we walk out to the airplane, and the sketchiest lookin' people ever were fillin' it up " flyin' it. for some reason, i wasn't nervous. we went up 14,000 feet, which took 10-15 minutes...and then it was time. we were third to jump out. i'd paid for pics to be taken, so a chick jumped out right before us " took all these awesome pictures. they'll be on soon. so when we jumped out, i let out the SCREAM OF DEATH. after getting over that, we were free-fallin' for a good minute. the parachute was opened " we took another 4-5 minutes to get to the ground. SO AWESOME! the free fall was amazing. i could see for miles, and my guy was totally pointing stuff out to me. we took a couple sharp one point he said we were going 2G's (i think). he let me fly the parachute for a bit, and then we were on the ground. kinda surreal, but it was so incredibly exciting, i know it actually happened. i can't wait to go again. i got all sorts of people excited to go sometime...

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