Sunday, November 13, 2005


today i realized my life is unbelievably awesome, and it's because of the people in it. i mean, i've got a good job, great car, a cute house (i rent)...but what makes my life so good is the people involved.

i had a great weekend hangin' with supercool friends " the guy i spend oodles of time with. included in that was a couple hours with roommate ashley, who's back in the hospital because MS is takin' over her body for a bit again. her attitude " Faith blow me away...the nurses all want to check on her because she's so happy all the time. i walked out of her hospital room thinking about how blessed i am to know her...which led to thinking about all the amazing people i know.

if you're reading this blog, there's a great chance you're one of those amazing people. warm fuzzies to you.

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