Wednesday, November 2, 2005


it drives me absolutely crazy when someone can walk right by me " not acknowledge my existence. i understand there are safety concerns, and you're not supposed to look someone in the eye...but, sheesh! if i'm in the hall at work and pass by someone, i'm going to acknowledge them...especially if they're alone. and i force them to acknowledge me. we're all just people. we deserve a little acknowledgement.

i wonder if this is my northern minnesota upbringing - we say hi to everyone we see...even if we don't know them. it was an adjustment when i moved to minneapolis to not say hi to everyone i passed while running or walking on the street. but i've since decided i'm just going to do so. ain't no harm in offerin' a smile " friendly greeting.

i could go on " on on this topic, but am going to stop here. except for this - i will one day be that super cool old person that walks the trail " says "good morning" in the most cheerful voice possible. that dude made my day while running lake harriet.

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