Friday, December 9, 2005

fun with people

i dyed my hair again last night. brunette. yeah, it's dark. for all those lovers of blondes, i apologize. for all those who want me to be blonde, i apologize. i understand i have a 'blonde' personality, and it 'just suits me,' but it ain't natural. and i'm too low maintenance to continually fix my roots. though in about 3 weeks it'll be washed out " blonde-ish again, which is where i find solace.

so it's kinda fun to see the reactions of people. i put it up in a pony today so it wouldn't be AS obvious, but it's still dang obvious. i fully expected everyone to hate it, so i've been pleasantly surprised by those who dig it. it's fun.

in general, chicks dig it, guys hate it. again, we find that guys dig blondes. makes me giggle.

i'm curious to see if my personality changes. i tend to think it does...

(a special apology goes out to lercher)

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