Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter = Hammer & Jim Brown

Churches generally pull out all stops for major holidays like Christmas " Easter since they want the newbies to continue coming back, and last week Jubilee went all out. We hit the 11:00 service yesterday and it was quite the show. Granted, the sermon was quality, as usual, but it was just a quickie at the end of some solid entertainment (comments on that to come).

Jim Brown was sittin' next to my pastor, as they're partners in some inner-city stuff. I do have a heart for the inner-city, so I think it's an awesome ministry...and totally respect Jim it was fun to actually see him. I think he goes to our LA church.

Then offering time came...of course, MC Hammer was in the house to do a little diddy. He's still a pretty great entertainer, so we had fun watchin'. His two little sons even got up to dance with him, which made it all the better. One song was quicker " I had to turn to Steve and admit that I was too white to clap with a fast rhythm. Oh, well...I accept who I am.

So, we had a performance at church. I understand the reasoning behind it as many come to church on Easter " Christmas that rarely come otherwise, but, really, I'd rather go to an Easter service to enjoy the meaning of the day. I don't need a showy performance with lots of glam. I just wanna sing a few songs about Easter " listen to a good sermon. But that's me, and currently God's got me at my "Hollywood church." The preaching is good. That's what keeps me going...

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