Saturday, April 8, 2006


like my friend dave, i'm tired of being sick. i had an annoying cold, then suffered through a toothache and root canal, and am now fighting a cough " throat thing. the most recent is direct from my roommate, as she went through it a week ago. at that time i giggled 'cause she couldn't talk, even though it'd be a bummer as a teacher. however, revenge is sweet, and i'm now struck almost voiceless.

i admit, i kinda enjoy losing my voice " sounding all funny. i've been talking " singing to myself all morning just to hear it. (i realize i'm weird) however, i'm about to go out into the world and am a little intimidated. i'd like to hit starbucks, as i'm cramming for another accounting exam, but i'm not sure how i'll order. i may need to talk to someone, but won't be able to. i'm also gonna hit a Bible study tonight, and sure ain't gonna be able to chat with anyone - which sucks 'cause i'm new to the group. oh, well...we'll all survive.

i'm thinkin' all the yelling i did at our tournament yesterday didn't help - but my girls kicked butt under unfavorable circumstances. they rock!

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