Monday, December 18, 2006

california love

it was hard to leave California this time because of the amazing people i get to call my friends. seriously, my friends are the most intelligent, interesting, fun, exciting people ever. i am blown away by the quality of my friends...and the fact that they would choose me to be friends with. (you're probably reading this, cool friend)

i had a crazy last couple of weeks in CA for the year...really, i was out of control. it's mostly a blur, but holiday parties were had, finals are over and the semester was closed out with a bang of a celebration. i'm thankful for my friends who find me "fun" (hopefully more) and stick around. i can certainly provide some entertainment. of course, not getting let back into the bar was a bummer...but it was probably time to end the night, anyway.

thanks, all, for helping me see who i am! i value your friendships more than you'll ever know.
(and, minnesota...i'm here! and i love you, too!)

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