Saturday, December 2, 2006


roommate " i participated in a victim/offender mediation this morning...with one of the kids who broke into our house. he was the only one caught on the street that morning in july with some of "other roommate's" stuff.

i confess, i went in thinkin' i'd meet a hard-hearted kid who had given up hope in himself. i wasn't really sure what to expect, but i was definitely caught off guard. the kid truly seemed to hear what we said...and understood what he'd done was wrong. he's in a good program that's teaching him all sorts of stuff about living a non-criminal life, and truly seems to want to lead that life. i saw it in his eyes, which is where i find the most hope. we had a good, two hour discussion with him about what had happened, its effects and where we're all headed. my favorite part was when he smiled about the many options he has once he gets out of juve...where he can work, how he can finish school, etc. he's excited, and that's AWESOME.

life is choices. people make choices " those choices pave the way for life. this kid's got hope....he's just gotta make most of the right choices. (let's be real - we all mess up once in a while)

he apologized several times. i realized this is a hot button for me - people spend so much time apologizing and dwelling on what was wrong with what happened, forgetting to move on. IMO - admit it, apologize, learn from it " move on. we've got to move on.

roommate " i both told him we truly believed in him " have great hopes for his future. here's to you, kid!

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