Friday, May 25, 2007

attempt at a deep thought on a friday afternoon

sometimes, friendships are tough.

people disappoint.  people don't always do the right thing.  people don't always know how to say what they want to say.  sometimes people just don't know better.  people learn and grow throughout life, and sometimes life hands 'em lemons that don't make lemonade.  (yay for a cliche)

i'm one of these people.  i fully accept that.  my latest idea has been that people are "messy."  we choose which messes we try to clean up...and we choose which friends we want, despite their messes.  and we hope that those friends accept our messes.

this is also part of "love without expectation."  if i truly love without expectation, i accept the messes my friends have.  i love them for who they are.  but at what point do i draw the line and decide that those messes are messin' me up too much?  i'm not good at determining that.  part of me thinks it's a good thing - 'cause i can accept people for who they are.  part of me thinks it ain't so good - 'cause they may be bringin' me down.


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