Monday, December 17, 2007

cut & paste from Karin’s blog:

seriously, i'm stealing this from The Talking Muffin...but she summarized it so well that i can't even attempt to rewrite it from my perspective.  oh, what a day:

Damn. Saturday was a blast. I got to hang out with my awesome friend, Kristie. We were going to have a mellow shopping/drinking day at Union Square, but boy did it turn into an amusing party.

I'm at work and therefore can't post a long blog, but here are some of the highlights:

1) Watching a procession of drunk santas bar hopping down the street at Union Square.

2) Drunk santas humping leg...or at least attempting to.

3) Observing old, drunk santas hitting on much younger, somewhat slutty "Mrs. Claus" wannabes. Train wrecks waiting to happen...

4) Trying to save 23 year old Ohio boys from getting themselves killed. 23 year old boys not listening. Watching fights break out. 23 year old boys getting kicked out of bar, getting chased by the cops and losing shoes while running down the street.

5) Trying to make friends at some tiki bar but without much success. A nice girl gave me an octopus pin that was really cute. (See pin on sweater lapel on main profile pic.) I was in "make friends" mode and said, "Oh you're really cool! We should exchange contact info." Her response: "Uhhhh. No that's okay." She apparently thought I was a lesbian hitting on her! Yeah...even if I was a lesbian...she's not really my type.

6) Kristie's name that night = Ronnie. Love it!

7) And then Kristie's friend, Brian, dropped us off at our parking lot but it was the wrong one. We had to hop back into the car to find the correct one.

8) Once we found the parking lot and paid, I remarked, "Oh there's my car." Then I second guessed myself, which Kristie validated. We agreed it wasn't my car even though the license plate had a "4" and an "H" in it, which mine does. Besides, I said, "My car is the more square version. This one's rounder." The attendant spent several minutes frantically searching for my car. Another attendant even said, "It's coming. Don't worry. And by the way, how old are you and where do you live?" ACK! I'm married for God's sake! Stop hitting on me! Anyway, they finally said, "Hey! Your car's right here on the 1st floor. Why didn't you say anything?" My response, "Hey Kristie agreed with  me, and I thought I had the more square version!" Anyway, this fiasco epitomized the Kristie/Karin adventure. We'll laugh about it for years.

9) We stopped at Denny's on the way home. It ain't as tasty as it used to be...Although the grease hit the spot.

That pretty much sums up our day. Can't wait until next year...rather, next spring! we come!!!

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