Monday, January 28, 2008

27 Dresses = two hours i'll never get back

i was all excited to see 27 Dresses in all its cutesy wutesy glory...and it sucked. it was slow, it was boring, it was predictable, it was overdone. it wasn't even corny cute. it was just bad writing.

rent it...maybe...katherine heigl just took a hit in my book, though.

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david golbitz said...

Dude, I totally coulda told you that just from seeing the trailers. I'm tellin' ya, more people need to consult me before wasting money at the movie theatre.

Regarding the Heigl, however, she is impervious to taking hits because she was in Bride of Chucky, which was hi-larious. (I'm still unsure if it was actually meant to be as ridiculously funny as it was; I like to think it was.)