Friday, January 18, 2008

Eclipse '08 - go team!

after the easiest tryout ever, my team seems to be off to a good start. we've had 4 practices...with 3 more before our first tourney. it’ll be shaky, but a good opportunity to work out some kinks. i’ve got a few seriously talented players, so that’s exciting.
Highlights from the year so far:
- I ran ‘em hard at their first practice. Within the first twenty minutes, I had one girl call her mom ‘cause she felt sick, one girl sit out for ten minutes, one girl with a sore hammy and the rest whined a lot. I gave ‘em a little break, but continued to push hard throughout practice. I’ll do this again next year. (this was Timmy's idea...setting the expectation for the season)
- I’ve got a real assistant coach this year. It’s pretty awesome…he gets paid and everything.
- When I let the girls ask me three questions at our team/parent lunch, their first question was, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Second question was, “Do you want to get married?” Third question was, “When do you want to get married?” (I found out later that Assistant set this up)
- I already have two girls out with injury – one broke her pinky at gymnastics…the other hurt her wrist at practice a week ago, but hasn’t gone to the doctor. Her mother doesn’t want to take her ‘cause then she might miss out on practices, etc to heal. (seriously?)
- There’s been minor drama – the two main setters told a potential setter that she shouldn’t worry about setting because they’ve got it taken care of. I get to have the “no one’s position is set” talk.
- I still love coaching. I get frustrated and annoyed, but I truly enjoy it. Though I'm pretty nervous about school starting next week and finding time to do it all...

happy friday!

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