Sunday, June 8, 2008

another successful season

yay! the girls played awesome this weekend...seriously. (besides the one game against the team we've gotten creamed by at least three times this season. we were beat mentally before we got on the court.) we ended up moving from 35th place to 6th, overall. they played HARD and played well.

as usual, i teared up with pride during the last's just pretty exciting to see how far they've come as a team in six months.

it does seem that i've gotten more used to this. the end is not as dramatic in year 5 of coaching as it was in year 1 or 2. huh. i'm trying to write a sappy, "thanks for everything" email, but i don't think it's gonna happen. i think i'm just gonna let it go...

sidenote: one of my favorite things about this last tourney is that it's huge and i run into several girls i coached in the past. it's good to know some stick with this great sport of volleyball.

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