Monday, June 9, 2008

a lesson on mountain lions

apparently there was a mountain lion siting near the trail i run on in the morn. after reading the sign, i know that i need to face the mountain lion, make some noise and make myself really big. seems to be the opposite of sitting really still when a bear gets close to me (that was taught in MN).

will someone let me practice some day soon (roommate)? i want to be prepared.


brooke said...

i can't wait for practice...

...good thing we have a cat - sorta like a mountain lion.

wait, just think about it for a second - what would tucker actually do? he might be scared of you forever between this and the drano debacle..or he'll forget about it real quick.

either way, you can practice on me or bird lady. your choice.

Unknown said...

you should probably practice on un-suspecting individuals after the practice run. possibly on lois?