Tuesday, July 22, 2008

not my best day

- i woke up with the worst crick (creek, crique, krik?) in my neck ever. it won't go away and i have a pretty awful headache from it.
- had a great run, though my neck hurt the rest of my body
- dropped Pitter Patter off at the shop for her 60k check-up
- rode my bike to work
- got some work done
- got news that a dude i was in a wedding with was shot while on policy duty in ft myers...tearfully sad.
- paid a bunch of money for Pitter Patter's tune-up
- had to ride my bike back to Pitter
- drove home
- got to catch up with Roommate Anne
- tried to go to volleyball, but my car wouldn't start. and there's a big pile of gas underneath it. not good, i'm pretty sure
- left a voicemail for car guy
- am trying to do this strategic plan for school, but am a bit stumped (plus, it's not due tomorrow...why would i work ahead?)
- am icing my neck with a frozen giant hershey's bar

thanks for letting me whine.

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