Thursday, July 31, 2008

new favorite blog - HR-y

roommate's mom found a new favorite blog for me - Evil HR Lady. EHR Lady says, "Why am I evil? Well, I'm not, but that's the perception of all of us in HR. Need to fire someone? Come to HR. Need to explain to someone why, even after working their rear end off all year, that their annual increase is 2.7%? Come to HR. Need to come up with new mountains of paperwork? Come to HR. So, come join me on the Evil Side. Oh, and send me your HR questions."

(sidenote: Team Shibby is in the finals again today...I plan to cheer them on in person...but, here's some virtual cheer, too!)

1 comment:

Karin Dun said...

I love the idea! Why didn't we think of this? Maybe we need to change our botoxistas page to an evil HR lady page. No but then we'd be copying. Darn!