Friday, January 30, 2009

losing things

You know how when you lose one thing, you’re not surprised when you lose another shortly after? (if this doesn’t make sense, just nod and smile) Last week I lost my check card – I knew it was either at my office somewhere or at espi’s house – so I gave it a couple days before canceling it. Of course, I got a call ten hours after I cancelled it to let me know it’d been found. I’m still waiting for that stinkin’ replacement card to show up (I realized that I spend less money without it, tho)

So this morning I realized I didn’t have my ipod at my desk. Nor my headphones. SUSPICIOUS! I told a couple people, dug around my desk, and decided it was gone. Ya know, I’m losing things these days…and it didn’t make sense that it would be anywhere else. My headphones are always by my computer so I can rock out to This afternoon I told the Facilities guy about it, assumed we couldn’t do anything about it because I had left it out in the open for everybody to take, and continued on my way. He came to my desk a few minutes later and said, "i was walking away from our convo and thought, good customer service would go help her look. now, think like a woman...” So we scoured my desk area…finally, he asked if I’d had a jacket on, or anything…I looked at my fleecy jacket…checked both pockets, and there it was. I said, “Thanks for your help, Facilities Guy! I’m glad you decided to think like a woman."

Stupid ipod. Stupid me putting it in my jacket pocket and forgetting…and then not looking there when I thought it was gone. Oy vey.

All friends have been alerted that it’s found. I have an ipod, but don’t get to buy a new one. I guess that money should be spent elsewhere!

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