Tuesday, January 13, 2009


it seems i'm a goal-oriented person...who procrastinates (when possible). i'm way excited to be finished with my mba (my last huge goal) - and i managed to put off finding a new goal for a few months (as i had hoped to do)...but with a slight change in life, i signed up for a full marathon. silly, stupid, crazy, but i'm pretty sure i can do it, so why not? i ran two half marathons last year, so why not do a full? the ironic part is that i was very adamant against running a full marathon last year. i'm pretty positive that i said i would NEVER do a marathon. funny how life changes things.

anyway, goals. i like 'em. i like to work towards something. doesn't seem all that abnormal...

(so, jj, it's cool that you said you'd never run more than 19 miles. we can do 26.2)

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jj said...

I'm all signed up. I still think we are crazy.