Tuesday, July 14, 2009


supposedly i'm prepared to run 26.2 miles in a row. my training schedule says so (hal higdon)...and i'm mentally prepared for it. i've run 20 miles 3 times...at least one of those times i felt like i could go 6.2 miles more. i'm ready to do this thang!

truthfully, i'm wicked nervous. so much could happen between now and july 26th...but i'll just trust that it won't. i've trained this hard - i'm actually gonna make it to the marathon. and then i'll finish it.

i do have a lot going on in life - mainly, my sister is going through chemo to completely get rid of breast cancer. i have found so much motivation because of her...and i am inspired beyond belief. she's strong, she's honest, she's hurting and she's asking for help. i wish i would win the lottery so i could just stay with her for a few months...but i have a life to live in california. i have a marathon to run. and i promise you that last 1.2 miles will be the easiest because they'll be in her honor. for the past couple months, my last mile has always been in her honor...and it's almost always been my fastest.

in the middle of one of my long runs, i had one of my most selfish thoughts. i realized that i started this marathon training a couple months before she found her lump...so though i'm running many miles in her honor, i've been working on my goal longer. maybe she needs to be inspired by me. (this thought is so ridiculous, i can't believe i even typed it...take it as further insight into my mind...if you want)

running has kept me sane. i can't imagine going through what jacque's going through...and i can't imagine being in my position without a stress release. i've been on many-a-run just to mentally work through the most recent cancer development...or to yell at God for a while...or to let Him tell me it's gonna be ok... this is why i run, folks - i love it because it's my kristie-time. it keeps me sane.

anyway, i'm gonna run a marathon. this tapering section of my training is my favorite...running 4 miles is suddenly a breeze...and only having to run 8 this weekend sounds awesome...

i guess i'm a little amazed and proud of myself. i have a tshirt to wear on marathon day - it says, "i said i'd never do it. i changed my mind." roommate, lercher & i decided that quote was a great example of the way i live life - i think some things are absolutely out of the question ridiculous - but then i do them.

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