Wednesday, July 22, 2009

vacation hangover...a new level

the hardest part about returning from this past two week vacation to minnesota has been to realize that nothing has really changed here. i had a pretty emotional couple of weeks with my family, dealing with all that is going on there...and i feel like i've grown a bit. i'm watching my sister battle and beat breast cancer, and i can't help but want to see the world through her eyes. as she said, "i used to think i knew right and i KNOW right and wrong. there's no gray anymore." how awesome would it be to be able to live through those eyes?!? when i was talking to her about something going on in my life, she said, "well, it'll work or it won't." there was absolutely nothing more she needed to say...and it was awesome.

i've got a bit of a new perspective on, i'm refreshed, relaxed and ready to go...yet, everything's the same here. how do i adjust back to this life without giving up what i learned in minnesota? how do i apply all that to my current life to get where i wanna go? and, really, where do i wanna go?

life. introspection. sometimes i'm too good at it...

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