Friday, October 30, 2009

my father's daughter

From DAD: “Mom wants me to be legal from now on - and I am trying - but it is not easy”

I am my father’s daughter. He confirmed it again this morning with that one little line in his email. For the past couple years, I’ve collected an assortment of parking tickets. They’re usually at junior colleges where I’m playing or coaching volleyball…and I’ve discovered that junior colleges really want their money…and they’re in cahoots with the CA DMV…so I can’t renew my license plates without paying outstanding parking tickets. Such a bummer.

After hundreds of dollars in parking tickets, one might think that I’d start parking legally…yet, I continue to park where I want to if there’s no real spot available…and usually I get away with it. Sometimes I get busted. Of course, there are other laws/rules I choose to ignore – I mean, if it doesn’t make sense, why abide by it? I bike like I’m a teenager that doesn’t realize I need to follow traffic laws, j-walk when I want, etc… As I’ve written, I live by the idea of “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

Unfortunately, that generally doesn’t work with the law…which I need to remember…but it is not easy.

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