Saturday, October 24, 2009


yesterday i woke up to an email from my dad listing many of the things he's thankful for. it was a pretty great way to start the day, so today i'm tryin' to do one of my own...

i'm thankful for sleep, my cozy room, the beautiful day we're supposed to have, my many pairs of shoes, my awesome family, minnesota, my amazing friends, tivo, yoga, pasta, flip flops, Goofy, my car, nail polish, running, life, books, my job, coaching, volleyball, my car, softball, laughter, movies, beer, projects...

it's not as easy as i thought...but maybe it's too early and i'm reaching too deep. no less, i've got a lot and i'm thankful for it. and when i focus on what i do have, what i don't have doesn't seem so terrible. huh.

happy trails, all! tell someone you're thankful for something.

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