Thursday, August 11, 2005

A’s game

i went to an awesome A's game last night against the Angels.

not only was it an exciting game - the A's fans totally rock. they're all rowdy " into the game. we did the wave at least 6 times...and the section i was sitting in actually started it a couple of times. it was hilarious! the dude said, "we're setting a world record! i'm serious! the wave just keeps going! all our names are gonna be in the book!" too funny.

in the end, i'm once again tempted to lean more towards supporting the A's than the Giants. it's hard 'cause they're in the AL and some of my close friends are Giants fans who hate the A's...but the games are just more fun. and the Twins slaughtered them in 2002, anyway.

i'm still trying to decide what song i would have play as i walk up to the plate to you know what your song would be?

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