Friday, August 26, 2005


i love my mini-revelations. not sure i've shared any out here, but here we go!

i'm coming to minnesota for a quick weekend on my way back from toronto in mid-september. this is very exciting, as my bro-in-law is turning 40 and my nephew is turning 1. plus, it's always fun to go back. i've only got a day in minneapolis, but i'll see as many folk as possible.

anyway, i'm thinkin' about it. and i'm thinkin' about the fact that i'm hitting one year here. and i realize that when people ask me how i'm doing out here, i can still say i'm doing great...and i love it...but i don't have the enthusiasm i used to have.

my revelation was this: life is becoming normal. not as much is new " exciting, anymore, so i'm not AS excited as i was. but it's all relative, so don't doubt that i love my life out here.

i guess this just makes me feel better about my level of excitement on california life.

the end.

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